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Longtime sole practitioner to receive Professionalism Award

The legal field has undergone numerous changes since attorney Robert H. Brown first began practicing in 1965, but colleagues say his commitment to his clients and desire to uphold the standards of the profession remain the same.
“Bob is an amazing advocate for his clients and he does so while maintaining professional behavi ... (full story)

9 years, 8 months and 1 week of Cases and Controversies.

A little over 10 years ago, Rick Smith, then the editor of the Akron Legal News, returned my call. My younger child and I were at a park for a play date from which I had to step away to take the call on my cell. That typical work-from-home dad transaction launched this column.
I had gotten in touch with Rick to ask about possible ... (full story)


Proposal would make it legal to post a photo of your ballot

A pair of Republican lawmakers are making an attempt - albeit late in the legislative session - to extend free speech right up to the nearest voting machine.
Eschewing bygone notions of reverence for the vote and privacy at the polling place, the millennial-Gen X legislative duo have proposed decriminalizing free speech as it rel ... (full story)

Fallout: Criminal justice system presses courts to learn about trauma

Fight, flight, or freeze.
They’re the instinctual responses humans have to real or perceived threats. It’s when someone grabs you unexpectedly from behind, and you swing around or yell. Or a car backfires, and a person nearby runs. It’s why, when a perpetrator pulls a gun in a store, a customer can’t move. ... (full story)

Conservatives push for change after GOP loses the House

Conservatives push for change after GOP loses the House

WASHINGTON (AP) — As Nancy Pelosi wrangles votes in her bid for House speaker, another leadership battle is playing out on the Republican side, where Kevin McCarthy faces a challenge from conservative Freedom Caucus co-founder Jim Jordan to lead the new GOP minority.
Republicans lost the House majority in last week's midter ... (full story)


Creating attorney-client relationships online without meaning to

Marketing online can have a lot of benefits, but it might have some unforeseen drawbacks. For instance, what if a simple gesture creates an inadvertent/unwanted attorney-client relationship? It could happen.
So—you have a website. On that website is an offer to answer questions posed by the public. They can send you questio ... (full story)