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Too big to sell: Airbus bids pained adieu to superjumbo A380

Too big to sell: Airbus bids pained adieu to superjumbo A380

TOULOUSE, France (AP) — To passengers, the A380 feels immediately different — spacious, smooth and oddly elegant for a jet so gargantuan. Yet to Airbus, it's become a burden so super-sized that the European manufacturer is ending its production for good.
The A380 is simply too big to sell. With funereal faces, Airbus ... (full story)

Kenosha native celebrated for 32 years of engine rebuilding

Kenosha native celebrated for 32 years of engine rebuilding

KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) — Despite juggling a busy career as a business owner, college professor and race car driver, Kenosha's Tony Pontillo is convinced he hasn't worked a day in his life.
"I'm that lucky person whose career is also my hobby," Pontillo said to Kenosha News. "I don't have any problem getting up fo ... (full story)

Baby bonds

Dear Mr. Berko: Every three months, I receive patent royalties. Last year, I received $3,877, $3,206, $2,135 and $3,440. I've had to buy low-paying certificates of deposit because the minimum corporate bond purchase is $5,000 and I never seem to get that much at one time. Now I have 14 different CDs paying between 1.1 percent and 2. ... (full story)


Portage County trial court partially overturns nurse’s drug sentence

A Portage County trial court exceeded the scope of its authority by ordering the forfeiture of a drug defendant’s nursing license, the 11th District Court of Appeals recently ruled.
Jennifer Fontana, a registered nurse and nurse practitioner, was charged with 15 felony counts for illegal processing of drug documents. She pl ... (full story)

Column: Could Roe v. Wade be overturned?

(THE CONVERSATION) If you care about the future of abortion rights, now is a good time to worry.
A sweeping Supreme Court victory for pro-choice advocates last summer was quickly overrun by worries brought on by the election of Donald Trump and the announcement of his proposed Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch.
Those conce ... (full story)

How bankruptcy can help USA Gymnastics, Boy Scouts compensate survivors

(THE CONVERSATION) USA Gymnastics and the Boy Scouts of America sex abuse scandals have rocked communities nationwide. Revelations regarding decades of the sexual abuse of children and long-running institutional failures to stop it are raising questions about the future of both nonprofits.
USA Gymnastics, the sport’s gover ... (full story)


Bombshell book alleges a Vatican gay subculture, hypocrisy

Bombshell book alleges a Vatican gay subculture, hypocrisy

VATICAN CITY (AP) — A gay French writer has lifted the lid on what he calls one of the world's largest gay communities, the Vatican, estimating that most of its prelates are homosexually inclined and attributing much of the current crisis in the Catholic Church to an internecine war among them.
In the explosive book, " ... (full story)

Arizona man connected by DNA to 4 slayings indicted in Ohio

Arizona man connected by DNA to 4 slayings indicted in Ohio

CLEVELAND (AP) — Ohio authorities charged a man last Thursday with aggravated murder in the 1992 slaying of a woman at a truck stop, one of four such killings they say he is linked to through DNA evidence.
Samuel Legg III, 49, was extradited in January from Arizona to face charges in the sexual assault of a 17-year-old girl ... (full story)

Senate GOP looks to 86 economy-stunting regs

It's indisputable Senate Republicans at the Ohio Statehouse are serious about nixing unnecessary and cumbersome regulation - Senate Bill 1, the first legislation of the new session, aims at cutting existing red tape by about a third.
Napoleon Sen. Rob McColley revived Senate Bill 293, which failed to advance beyond a first hearin ... (full story)

Former Jones Day lawyer advises legal job seekers

A former Jones day attorney is publishing a book about how to get a job in the highly competitive modern legal marketplace.
Rachel Tessa Gezerseh, formerly of the Los Angeles office of Cleveland’s Jones Day law firm, is expanding her passion project of teaching lawyers and law students about job searching in the “BigL ... (full story)