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U.S. District Judge Charles Esque Fleming’s path to the bench

As a young boy growing up in Cleveland, Charles Esque Fleming was surrounded by public servants.
“My mom was an educator who became the director of English language arts for the entire Cleveland school district and my dad, Charles Walter Fleming, was a Cleveland Municipal Court judge,” he said. “My older sist ... (full story)

7th District court reverses sheriff’s K-9 dog bite case

A Belmont County sheriff’s deputy hosted a cookout at his Jefferson County home in August 2019.
During the cookout, the deputy – a K-9 handler – began demonstrating some of the dog’s police training. The dog, named Xyrem, became agitated and bit one of the guests, and the woman needed medical attention fo ... (full story)

Tumblr's enduring appeal reveals the potency of the web's cultural memory

(THE CONVERSATION) When tech billionaire Elon Musk made a deal to acquire Twitter in April 2022, many Twitter users threatened to shut down their accounts and migrate elsewhere online.
Tumblr – a microblogging platform launched in 2007 long known as a laboratory for social justice causes and burgeoning fan cultures – ... (full story)

Elder abuse comes in many forms – APS referrals can help reduce mistreatment

(THE CONVERSATION) Before the pandemic, around 1 in 10 older adults in the U.S. experienced elder mistreatment. In 2020, this number doubled to 1 in 5 – a nearly 84% increase.
Mistreatment comes in many forms, including various types of abuse, neglect, exploitation and fraud. Adult Protective Services agencies exist in eve ... (full story)


Big picture leads small-town judge to Supreme Court

Seventh District Court of Appeals Judge Carol Ann Robb’s recent duty as a visiting judge for the Supreme Court of Ohio is a reminder of how one person, from rural Ohio, can make an impact.
“The opportunity is humbling,” said Judge Robb, speaking of the precedent-setting nature of the work. “It’s a d ... (full story)


Court reporters look askance at AI-based transcripts

There is a wave of new, artificial intelligence-based technology that threatens to overtake court reporters, said Susan Terry, past president of the Ohio Court Reporters Association (OCRA).
For the first time, outside parties to the court reporting profession are starting to move into territory that has traditionally belonged t ... (full story)