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Jobless claims at 870,000 as fraud and backlogs cloud data

Jobless claims at 870,000 as fraud and backlogs cloud data

WASHINGTON (AP) — The number of people seeking U.S. unemployment aid rose slightly last week to 870,000, a historically high figure that shows that the viral pandemic is still squeezing restaurants, airlines, hotels and many other businesses six months after it first erupted.
The figure coincides with evidence that some ne ... (full story)

Doing the Dow shuffle

Q. I saw that ExxonMobil was removed from the Dow Jones Industrial Average. What happened? -- G.V., Tulsa, Oklahoma
A. Many don't realize this, but the Dow Jones Industrial Average ("the Dow") is an index of only 30 companies. Every few years, to better reflect our diversified economy, some components of the Dow are ej ... (full story)


Revenue goals lurk behind decision to hold Big Ten college football games

(THE CONVERSATION) Editor's note: Despite concerns about COVID-19, Big Ten college football is set to begin Oct. 24. Here, Mark Rosentraub, a professor of sport management, addresses some of benefits and potential drawbacks of playing football too soon.
How much of this decision is related to revenue?
From my perspective, it ... (full story)

Dynamic tattoos promise to warn wearers of health threats

(THE CONVERSATION) In the sci-fi novel "The Diamond Age" by Neal Stephenson, body art has evolved into "constantly shifting mediatronic tattoos" – in-skin displays powered by nanotech robopigments. In the 25 years since the novel was published, nanotechnology has had time to catch up, and the sci-fi vision ... (full story)

9th District reverses prior decision in OVI case

The 9th District Court of Appeals has reversed its own prior decision in a Wadsworth Municipal Court drunken driving case.
Ryan Fitzgerald appealed his conviction for operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs of abuse.
The appellate court previously affirmed Fitzgerald’s conviction in State v. Fitzgerald, 9th Di ... (full story)

11th District affirms Trumbull County woman’s death penalty case

A woman who read her own opening statement to a Trumbull County jury at trial later argued her attorneys never told her she would be the only one to speak.
However, the 11th District Court of Appeals recently affirmed the trial court’s dismissal of Donna Roberts’ amended post-conviction petition on the state’s ... (full story)


Lawyers eye neo-Nazi website founder's assets for $14M award

Lawyers eye neo-Nazi website founder's assets for $14M award

Attorneys for a Montana real estate agent are eyeing the assets of a neo-Nazi website operator to collect a $14 million court judgment against the man for an anti-Semitic online "troll storm" that he orchestrated against the Jewish woman and her family, court filings show.
More than a year has passed since a federal ju ... (full story)

Ohio to permit indoor nursing home visiting as winter nears

COLUMBUS (AP) — Indoor visits with residents of Ohio's nursing homes will be allowed once again as cold weather approaches, Gov. Mike DeWine said Tuesday, lifting a ban on instituted at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.
The Republican governor said at his twice-weekly coronavirus briefing that details will come wi ... (full story)

Watchdog seeks more scrutiny of utility's spending in scheme

CLEVELAND (AP) — Ohio's consumer watchdog has asked the state's regulator for public utilities to increase its scrutiny of FirstEnergy Corp.'s spending in what federal authorities say was a $60 million bribery scheme to obtain a $1 billion bailout for two struggling nuclear power plants owned at the time by a corporate subsid ... (full story)

Cybersecurity experts: Requesting ballots by email is safe

Cybersecurity experts: Requesting ballots by email is safe

COLUMBUS (AP) — A group of leading cybersecurity experts told an Ohio court that absentee ballot applications can be safely transmitted using email, countering the secretary of state's assertions that the practice would open up voting in the presidential battleground to outside interference.
In a filing late Monday, Sept. ... (full story)