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Akron judge starts pilot alternative program for at-risk males

Akron Municipal Court Judge David Hamilton is the only African-American male judge in Summit County.
Yet most of the defendants who come to the court are Black men.
“Just my presence in the courtroom really makes a big difference,” Hamilton said. “When they see someone on the bench who looks like them, they ... (full story)


Can private employers require employees to get vaccinated for COVID-19?

Many frontline workers and at-risk individuals will be receiving a COVID-19 vaccine during the coming months. The question on employers' and employees' minds alike is whether employers can require their employees to receive the vaccine.
Recent Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance says yes, employers can requi ... (full story)


As predicted, the pandemic has moved lawyers toward the cloud

I have tended to look at the impact of this pandemic on the law office as a time machine that is bringing the future crashing into the present like a seven-hundred-foot tidal wave.
A primary driver of this future-as-right-now experience is the necessity of work sharing in cyberspace. Where we once had The Office, we now have Th ... (full story)