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9th District affirms aggravated menacing case stemming from violent song lyrics posted to Facebook

The 9th District Court of Appeals recently upheld the aggravated menacing conviction of a man who sang threatening song lyrics about the mother of his child that were posted on Facebook.
Ramone Gilbert was sentenced in Lorain Municipal Court to 180 days in jail and a $200 fine after a bench trial.
The court suspended 106 days ... (full story)

Common Pleas Court awarded Supreme Court tech grants

AKRON––The Supreme Court of Ohio awarded the general division of the Summit County Common Pleas Court with more than $50,000 in grantd.
The Supreme Court has a competitive process and provides technology grants to assist Ohio courts and justice partners in funding upgrades to operations, innovative justice initiativ ... (full story)

New Niger video shows harrowing escape of US forces

New Niger video shows harrowing escape of US forces

WASHINGTON (AP) — Dramatic new drone video of the Niger ambush that killed four American soldiers shows U.S. forces desperately trying to escape and fighting for their lives after friendly Nigerien forces mistook them for the enemy.
It describes how the fleeing troops set up a quick defensive location on the edge of a swamp ... (full story)