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Takeaways from the 2018 primary season

The stage is set for a November brawl that could loosen President Donald Trump's grip on Washington.
Elections in New York Thursday marked the end of a long, dramatic and sometimes tumultuous primary season that reshaped both parties going into the midterm elections.
Democrats have a younger, more liberal, and more diverse sla ... (full story)

Obama tells voters sitting on sidelines in 2018 'dangerous'

CLEVELAND (AP) — Former President Barack Obama delivered a simple message Thursday headed into the fall midterm elections: Vote.
Speaking to an enthusiastic crowd of several thousand in Cleveland, Obama said the consequences of sitting on the sidelines during November's midterm elections "are far more dangerous" t ... (full story)

Court cases show Asian-American affirmative action double standard

SAN FRANCISCO — Time and again, Chinese-American students consistently delivered top academic scores, only to be denied admission to their dream school. Parents bemoaned what they saw as an unfair racial advantage given to black and Latino children while their own children were overlooked.
“Every year hundreds of Chin ... (full story)

Ohio awards latest prizes in opioid science challenge

COLUMBUS (AP) — Ohio awarded another round of prizes totaling $2.4 million Wednesday in its global technology challenge seeking scientific breakthroughs to address the U.S. opioid crisis.
The dozen winners from six states and Canada were judged the most promising of nearly 60 proposals submitted in the second phase of the O ... (full story)

Calling teen vaping 'epidemic,' officials weigh flavor ban

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. health officials are sounding the alarm about teenage use of e-cigarettes, calling the problem an "epidemic" and ordering manufacturers to reverse the trend or risk having their flavored vaping products pulled from the market.
The warning from the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday ci ... (full story)