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Bob Moses played critical role in civil rights organizing for Black students

(THE CONVERSATION) As an organizer for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee during the 1960s, Bob Moses traveled to the most dangerous parts of Mississippi to help African Americans end segregation and secure the right to vote. But it would be tutoring students in math 20 years later at his daughter's racially mixed middle ... (full story)

Why Ben & Jerry stopped selling ice cream in the West Bank rattled Israel

(THE CONVERSATION) In 2018, I was living in Israel while researching a book about the country's fight against groups that challenge its legitimacy.
Every Wednesday, a new batch of Ben & Jerry's ice cream arrived at my local supermarket, and I would snap up as many tubs of vanilla as I could. By Thursday, there'd be none lef ... (full story)

Why Canadian dads are more involved in raising kids than American fathers

(THE CONVERSATION) Thirty-five years ago, Canadian and American dads were doing a similar amount of child rearing, relative to mothers. Surveys from the mid 1980s showed that Canadian men spent 38% of the time that Canadian women spent on child care, and American men spent 35% of the time that American women spent on child care.
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Scientists don't know yet why swimming is better than other aerobic activities

(THE CONVERSATION) It's no secret that aerobic exercise can help stave off some of the ravages of aging. But a growing body of research suggests that swimming might provide a unique boost to brain health.
Regular swimming has been shown to improve memory, cognitive function, immune response and mood. Swimming may also help repai ... (full story)

DV 911 calls increased during lockdown, but police reports and arrests declined

(THE CONVERSATION) COVID-19 stay-at-home orders surely saved many lives, but a growing number of studies document that lockdowns led to more reports of domestic violence.
Even as 911 calls for police help increased, official reports and arrests for domestic crimes fell by 6.8% and 26.4%, respectively, in the first two months of ... (full story)