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Discussing cryptocurrency and estate planning

Whether you want to or not, Bitcoin and the rest of them are intruding into the business of law. It behooves all practicing attorneys to at least be conversant in the terminology, because you may get clients who need advice on the topic. But one practice area in particular really needs to educate itself on cryptocurrencies and every ... (full story)

Law firm organization shares cybersecurity threats and info

The legal profession has a unique set of cybersecurity needs that require unique sets of solutions. I do have to say that it would be very difficult to source everything a law firm needs in computer security through a local search.
Law firms looking for help with cybersecurity certainly need more than this column or a google sear ... (full story)

Add small blockchains to your practice software

There is a new, small blockchain product for lawyers on the market. And it may be the breakthrough we have all been looking for. Maybe.
The blockchain may be the database wave of the future, but creating, installing and using blockchain applications for the legal industry can be a complex and confusing process.
Used properly, ... (full story)

Creating attorney-client relationships online without meaning to

Marketing online can have a lot of benefits, but it might have some unforeseen drawbacks. For instance, what if a simple gesture creates an inadvertent/unwanted attorney-client relationship? It could happen.
So—you have a website. On that website is an offer to answer questions posed by the public. They can send you questio ... (full story)

SCOTUS to hear First Amendment case, could impact social media

The U.S. Supreme Court has granted cert to hear a case that could (possibly) have an impact on social media.
Although the case, Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck, No. 17-702, technically doesn’t involve social media per se, the issues in the case may be expanded to affect Facebook, Twitter, etc. if the court feel ... (full story)