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50 Pubic Square

Suite 2000

Cleveland, Ohio 44113

In the Court of Common Pleas, Portage County, Ohio.

Case No. 2016 CV 00935.

Town Square Condominium Unit Owners' Association, Plaintiff vs. Unknown Heirs, Devisees, Legatees, Executors, Administrators, Spouses and Assigns of Lisa K. Lewis, et al., Defendants.

Unknown Heirs, Devisees, Legatees, Executors, Administrators, Spouses and Assigns of Lisa K. Lewis, whose address is unknown, will take notice that on October 27, 2106, Town Square Condominium Unit Owners Association filed its Complaint for Foreclosure in the Court of Common Pleas of Portage County, Ohio, alleging that there is due Plaintiff the sum of $18,674.83 in unpaid condominium maintenance fees and assessments plus subsequent unpaid fees, costs, and attorney fees, as owners of the property known as 1405 Colony Drive, Streetsboro, Ohio 44241, being permanent parcel #35-055-00-00-127-000, and further described as being:

Situated in the City of Streetsboro, County of Portage, and State of Ohio and known as being Unit J-3, Bldg. J in the Town Square Condominium, Phase No. VI, whose Drawings are recorded in 93-73 of Condominium Maps, of Portage County Records, and known as being part of Original Township Lot No. 56, Streetsboro, and as further described by the Declaration of Condominium Ownership and By-laws attached thereto recorded in Volume 1015, Page 878 of Portage County Records, together with an undivided percentage interest in and to all the Commons Areas and Facilities appurtenant to said Unit as set forth in the Declaration of Condominium Ownership, as the same may be amended from time to time, which percentage shall automatically change in accordance with the Amendments to the Declaration as the same are filed of record pursuant to the provision of said Amendments and will attach to the Common Areas and Facilities in the percentages set forth in such Amendments to the Declaration, which percentages shall automatically be deemed to be conveyed effective on the recording of each such Amendments to the Declaration as though conveyed hereby, be the same more or less, but subject to all legal highways.

Plaintiff prays that the defendants named above be required to answer and set forth their interest in said real estate or be forever barred from asserting the same, for foreclosure of plaintiff's condominium lien, marshalling of liens, and sale of said real estate, and the proceeds of said sale applied to the payment of plaintiff's claim in the proper order of its priority, and for such other relief as is just and equitable.

The defendants are required to answer within 28 days after last publication which shall be published once a week for three consecutive weeks.

By: Darcy Mehling Good, Erika R. Finley, Kaman & Cusimano, Attorneys for Plaintiff, (216)696-0650

Feb 14,21,28, 2017  17-00064