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Secure securities

Q. What are "government securities"? -- Q.R., Las Cruces, New Mexico
A. They're investments offered by a government, bringing in money that can be spent on anything from military operations to infrastructure renewal. Issuing these securities is often preferable to raising taxes or cutting spending somewhere.
In the ... (full story)

OSU research: Tomatoes may improve stomach health

New Ohio State University research on the benefits a tomato-rich diet has on the gut microbes of young pigs has suggested scientists take a deeper look at the diet’s effect on humans.
Researchers found that two weeks of eating a diet heavy in tomatoes increased the diversity of gut microbes and altered gut bacteria toward ... (full story)

MacKenzie Scott donations avoided feared pitfalls: New study

MacKenzie Scott's big gifts have been a boon to the charities who received them, and widespread fears in the nonprofit world that her gifts would lead other donors to pull back their support or that small groups wouldn't be able to handle them were largely unfounded.
That's according to a study by the Center for Effective Philan ... (full story)

5 mistakes you're making with Medicare open enrollment

Millions of retirees are in the thick of Medicare open enrollment, which runs from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7, but many find the process challenging. Some don't understand the difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage, many are overwhelmed by Medicare advertising, and only 4 in 10 people review their plan options each year, ... (full story)

US employers are hiring briskly even in face of rate hikes

WASHINGTON (AP) — America's employers kept hiring vigorously in October, adding 261,000 positions, a sign that even after Election Day, the economy remains a picture of solid job growth and painful inflation.
The report from the government showed that hiring was brisk across industries last month, though the overall gain d ... (full story)