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Guns on the ballot: How mixed midterm results will affect firearm policy

(THE CONVERSATION) The U.S. midterm elections took place on the backdrop of surging gun violence and in a year scarred by high-profile mass shootings.
And though exitpolls indicated that abortion rights and inflation were the top motivating issues for voters, views toward guns also played a significant role. Indeed, a survey by ... (full story)

80 years ago, Nazi Germany occupied Tunisia but stories often go unheard

(THE CONVERSATION) Eighty years ago, in November 1942, the Nazis occupied Tunisia. For the next six months, Tunisian Jews and Muslims were subjected to the Third Reich's reign of terror, as well as its antisemitic and racist legislation. Residents lived in fear – "under the Nazi boot," as Tunisian Jewish lawyer Paul ... (full story)

Political comeback for Netanyahu may give way to governing nightmare ahead

(THE CONVERSATION) Israel's political magician has done it again.
Having been turned out of office in 2021 as the first sitting Israeli prime minister to be indicted – and with his corruption trial still underway – Benjamin Netanyahu has made another stunning comeback. After four inconclusive elections in just four y ... (full story)

Freedom House for Women celebrates 15 years

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When Akron native Eva Hartwell began her journey to sobriety in 1997, she said there were not a lot of supportive services available to assist her.
“The community did not have any recovery housing, which is so important to those struggling with substance use disorders,” said Hartwell. “At the time, I was workin ... (full story)

Most voters skipped 'in person on Election Day' when offered a choice

(THE CONVERSATION) When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, state lawmakers, election administrators and others realized they had to move quickly. A presidential election was coming in just a few months, along with elections for every seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, one-third of the U.S. Senate, and all sorts of stat ... (full story)