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1370 Ontario Street, Suite 600

Cleveland, Ohio 44113

In the Court of Common Pleas, Portage County, Ohio

Case No. 2014 CV 00016.

Loandepot.com, LLC, c/o Cenlar, FSB, 425 Phillips Boulevard, Ewing, NJ 08618, Plaintiff vs. Teresa D. Bettinger, et al., Defendants.

Unknown Heirs, Assigns, Legatees and Devisees of Robert E. Bettinger, whose last known address is unknown, Aurora, OH 44202 and who cannot be served, will take notice that on January 8, 2014, Plaintiff filed a Complaint for Money, Foreclosure and other Equitable Relief in the Common Pleas Court of Portage County, Ohio, being Case No. 2014 CV 00016, against Unknown Heirs, Assigns, Legatees and Devisees of Robert E. Bettinger, and others as Defendants, alleging that Teresa D. Bettinger, is in default for all payments from July 1, 2013; that on October 19, 2012, Teresa D. Bettinger, executed and delivered a Mortgage Deed in which said Defendants agreed, among other things, to pay the Note and to comply with all of the terms of the Mortgage Deed hereinafter described, which Mortgage Deed was filed in the Recorder's Office of Portage County, Ohio on October 30, 2012, recorded in Instrument No. 201220486 that, further, the balance due on the Note is, $172,131.51 with interest at the rate of 3.875% per annum from July 1, 2013; that to secure the payment of the Note, executed and delivered a certain Mortgage Deed to and thereby conveying, in fee simple, the following described premises:

Situated in the State of Ohio, in the County of Portage and in the City of Aurora:

Commonly known as 930 South Chillicothe Road, Aurora, OH 44202

and further alleging that the aforesaid Mortgage is a valid and subsisting first and best lien upon said premises after the lien of the Treasurer; that the Note is in default, whereby the conditions set forth in the Note and Mortgage have been broken; that the Mortgage has become absolute and that Plaintiff is entitled, therefore, to have the Mortgage foreclosed, the premises sold, and the proceeds applied in payment of Plaintiff's claims; that the Defendants, may have or claim to have some interest in or lien upon said premises; that the Defendants are required to set forth any claim, lien or interest in or upon the premises that he, she, or it may have or claim to have or be forever barred therefrom; that Plaintiff's Mortgage be declared to be a valid and subsisting first and best lien upon said premises after the lien of the Treasurer, if any; that its Mortgage be foreclosed; that all liens be marshaled; that the equity of redemption of the Defendants be forever cut off, barred, and foreclosed; that upon the sale of said premises the proceeds be paid to Plaintiff to satisfy the amount of its existing lien and the interest, together with its disbursements, advancements, and costs herein expended; and for such other and further relief to which it may be entitled in equity or at law.

Defendants are further notified that they are required to answer the Complaint on or before March 21, 2014 which includes twenty-eight (28) days from the last publishing or judgment may be rendered as prayed for therein.



By: SUZANNE M. SOLOSKI, (#0086422), DAVID T. BRADY, (#0073127), and ANDREW M. TOMKO, (#0090077), its Attorneys.

Feb 7,14,21, 2014  14-00053